Consulting and Realisation of modern Cloud Infrastructures

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About us


Daniël Franke

Founder, Chief IT Architect

New Technologies, Applying technology to solve problems


Daniel Swärd

Founder, Software Solutions Engineer

Translating customer needs to services, System evaluation, Software development


Harald Wagener

Founder, Managing Director

Organizational Development, Project Management, Interoperability, New Concepts


Roland Eils

Founder, Chief Visionary

Listening, Understanding, Translating


What we do

Development of secure and distributed IT solutions

We support you in the following aspects:

  • Scoping
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Selection of Tools and Solutions
  • Realisation and Bring-Up
  • Source Code Analysis
  • Blackbox Testing
  • Consulting on Securing your systems

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Consulting and Development on Cloud Strategies

Transformation of traditional on premises to cloud based operations often is a strategic decision, with the goal to keep up with the new, often chaotic world with change as its only constant. Together, we assess your status quo and develop a vision that will enable your services, products, and organisation to succeed in this new normal.

Based on our decades of experience in the industry, in research, and in healthcare, we know the usual (and some unusual) questions and developed solutions that answer them. Our history is at your disposal to shape a successful way into the cloud.

Support during the Cloud Transition

Wherever you keep iterating your technical delivery pipeline – from the developers minds to deploying to your environment – no matter whether you use VMs, containers, Kubernetes or Serverless: We will be your partner along the way.


A list of projects to showcase our achievements with so far

Here is a selection of projects we worked on that either inspired or reflects prior work that showcases out abilities. We hope you like them!



Digitally secured test and vaccination proofs


Fair Applications in Academia



News, Stories, Insights

What the PONC?

Hello World! We’re happy to announce that we’re launching today. But what is The short version is that is a company that wants to build products and services, with an aim on privacy, security, and general ethical practices.